Introducing the [Pre-Order: 2024.11] TCG Company DIVINE CROSS Booster – Marshmallow All the Way Home! This exciting trading card game booster pack brings the delightful world of “Marshmallow All the Way Home” to life. Perfect for both collectors and players, this booster pack offers a blend of strategic gameplay and enchanting artwork.

Key Features:

Release Date: November 29, 2024. Ensure you place your order by June 15, 2024, to secure your set.

Game Type: Trading Card Game designed for casual and competitive play.
Included Cards: Each box contains 6 cards per pack, with a total of 20 packs per box. The set includes various card rarities, ensuring a unique and exciting unboxing experience.
2 Secret Rare (SEC)
4 Ultra Rare (UR)
8 Super Rare (SR)
9 Rare (R)
11 Normal (N)
Special Inclusions: One promotional card per box, with 3 different types available randomly.
Why You Should Buy:

Exclusive Pre-Order Opportunity: Secure your set before the official release date.
Perfect for All Players: The simple and casual game system makes it easy for beginners to start playing right away, while still offering depth for seasoned players.
Collector’s Delight: Beautifully designed cards featuring characters and scenes from “Marshmallow All the Way Home” add value to any collection.
High-Quality Manufacturing: Produced by TCG Company, renowned for their premium trading card games.
Brand Story:

About TCG Company:
TCG Company is a leading name in the world of trading card games, known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. Their “DIVINE CROSS” series combines compelling gameplay with stunning visuals, making them a favorite among card game enthusiasts.

Order Now:
Don’t miss out on this limited-time pre-order opportunity. Add the [Pre-Order: 2024.11] TCG Company DIVINE CROSS Booster – Marshmallow All the Way Home to your cart today and be among the first to experience this magical trading card game!


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TCG Company DIVINE CROSS Booster – Marshmallow All the Way Home

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