This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Pre-Order Deadline: 2024.03.15
Item Release Date: 2024.05.31

Kotobukiya’s incredible model kit of the Evangelion Unit-01 wielding the Spear of Cassius from “Rebuild of Evangelion” is back! Its jaws can be opened and closed in a way that replicates the movement from the movie, and the entry plug can be pulled out in conjunction with the rear block. The front of the thighs and kneecaps are interlocking and movable, and even the throat is articulated! The unit’s knife can be deployed from the shoulder with the use of interchangeable parts. Many of the parts come pre-painted, too, making assembly easy. Place your order today!

[Size]: Approximately 19cm tall when completed
[Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, PVC


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