This is a posable action figure of a character from science-fiction/anime.

Pre-Order Deadline: 2024.06.21
Item Release Date: 2025.02.28

The Fighbird from the anime “The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird” joins Good Smile Company’s “THE GATTAI” action-figure lineup! The Fighbird is fully articulated to reproduce all of your favorite poses from the anime. It transforms from Fire Jet to Fighbird, and can also be combined with Flame Breaster! Translucent parts are used to recreate the Fire Jet’s canopy; the landing gear can be deployed without the use of interchangeable parts, and allow the Fire Jet to be rolled across a flat surface. A 2cm tall figure of Yutaro Katori in android form is included, and can be transformed into Fighbird’s core to combine with the mecha. Flame Breaster’s dual cannons are articulated and retractable; in addition to the Armament Combination mode, Flame Breaster can be combined with Fire Jet for a figure-exclusive combination! When in humanoid form, the Dyna Busters and Flare Missiles mounted on Fighbird’s arms and legs respectively can be deployed. When in combined form, the Flame Cannons can be deployed as well to recreate the Full Blast mover! The Flame Sword can be stored in the nosecone section of the Fire Jet, as seen in the anime, and the Flame Sword’s cross-guard gimmick can also be recreated. Order this amazing figure for your own collection today!

[Size]: Approximately 25cm tall in Armed Fighbird mode

[Set Contents]:
Main figure
Interchangeable hands
Flame Breaster
Flame Sword
Yutaro Katori android form figure


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[Pre-Order:2025.02]Good Smile Company THE GATTAI Fighbird (The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird)

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