Marking the 20th anniversary of the Master Grade Ver.Ka series is the incredible MG Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka from “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam”!

Release day: 2023.07

The proportions of the Gunpla are based on Kazumi Fujita’s sketches of the Gundam for the anime. The structure and shape have been refined to ensure that there is no breakdown in the form between both the MS form and the Waverider form, and the transformation mechanism has been expertly constructed.

The MS form has a wide range of motion, allowing for a greater degree of recreation of poses from the show. The Waverider form can be displayed in a stable manner like a fixed aircraft model by providing a locking mechanism for each part.

The MG Zeta Gundam also features parts with metallic extra finish processing, along with water transfer decals designed by Katoki Hajime.


Shield x 1
Beam rifle x 1
Beam saber x 2
Grenade launcher cartridge x 2
Hand parts x 1 set
Joint for display x 2 kinds (for MS/WR)
Figure x 2 types
Foil sticker sheet x 1
Water transfer decal sheet x 1

Dimensions 39 × 10.6 × 31 cm


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[Ready Stock]Bandai MG 1/100 ZETA GUNDAM Ver.Ka MG Zeta Gundam

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